A range of industry based resources can be accessed from this page. It provides guidance and should be reviewed to meet ones own needs. We take no responsiblity for the accuracy or currency of the content listed as they are subject to change.

bowtie in 8 steps

Oil & Gas Publications

  1. ISO 17776:2000 - petroleum and natural gas industries - offshore production installations - guidelines on tools and techniques for hazard identification and risk assessment
  2. The Buncefield Incident - Three Simple Questions in Process Safety

Mining Publications

  1. Critical Controls Management - Implemention Guide - Using BowTies
  2. Critical Controls Management - Good Practice Guide
  3. Leading Practice Sustainable Development for the Mining Industry - Handbook
  4. Mining Industry - Handbooks - Australian Government

Aviation Publications

  1. Civil Aviation Authority - UK

BowTies in Health Care

  1. Paitent Safety Brochure
  2. Paitent Safety BowTies in Webviewer

Government Websites

AUSTRALIA - Legislation (Links)

Queensland WH&S Act 2011  


NEW ZEALAND - Legislation (Links)

NZ Legislation

Health and Safety at Work Regulations 2016

Books / Papers

  1. Groeneweg, J 1992, Controlling the controllable: the management of safety
  2. Haddon, W 1973, Energy damage and the ten countermeasure strategies, Trauma, Vol 13
  3. Heinrich, H 1931, Industrial accident prevention, a scientific approach
  4. Hollnagel, E 2007, Barriers and accident prevention
  5. Hudson, P 1999, Safety culture - theory and practice
  6. Parker, D, Lawrie, N, Hudson, P 2006, A framework for understanding the development of organisational safety culture, Safety Science 44 551–562
  7. Viner, D 2004, Accident analysis and risk control
  8. Viner, D 2009, HES 6720 Risk Analysis and Perception, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia

Other References / Publications

  1. ASNZ HB 254:2005, governance, risk management and control assurance
  2. ASNZ HB 436:2004, risk management guidelines
  3. ASNZS 3931-1998, risk analysis of technological systems - application guide
  4. ASNZS 4360:2004, risk management
  5. ISO 17776:2000, offshore production installations - guidelines on tools and techniques for hazard identification and risk assessment
  6. ISO 31000:2009, risk management - principles and guidelines
  7. ISO/IEC 31010:2009, risk management - risk assessment techniques
  8. ISO/IEC 73:2002, risk management - vocabulary - guidelines for use in standards
  9. United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association, 1999, Framework for risk-related decision support
  10. Worksafe Victoria, 2006, Major Hazard Facilities Regulations, Guidance Note GN-10-Control Measures